Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs
College of Medicine

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Admissions Information
Ph.D. Master's International Students

Office Name Email Phone Location
Sr. Associate Dean Dr. Robert Deschenes 813-974-8320 MDC 3537
Associate Dean Dr. Michael Barber 813-974-9908 MDC 1060
Assistant Director, Business Admin Ms. Kimberley Davis 813-974-2703 MDC 3538
Assistant Director, MSMS Programs Mrs. Frances Carreras 813-974-4465 MDC 1062
Assistant Director, Ph.D. Programs Dr. Christopher Combie 813-974-2640  
MSMS Advisor/Recruiter Mrs. Christina Brown-Wujick 813-974-2801 MDL 1046
MSMS Admissions Mrs. Emily Boyko 813-974-2256 MDC 1059
Academic Services Administrator Ms. Natalie Conklin 813-974-3903 MDC 3539
Administrative Specialist Ms. Valerie Garcia 813-974-9625 MDC 1058
Administrative Specialist Ms. Danielle Secker 813-974-4342 MDC 1051B
Office Assistant Ms. Ashaunte Holmes 813-974-4181 MDC 1054
Medical Sciences (Medical Track) Dr. Michael Barber 813-974-9908 MDC 1060
Aging & Neuroscience Dr. David Eve 813-974-6169 MDT 1578
Anatomy Dr. Patrica Kruk 813-974-0548  
Athletic Training Dr. Rebecca Lopez 813-396-9627 MDC 106
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Dr. Vladimir Uversky 813-974-5816 MDC 3508
Biotechnology Dr. David Mitchell 813-974-2946 MDC 3508
Health Sciences Dr. Michael Barber 813-974-9908 MDC 1060
Health Informatics Dr. Robert Deschenes 813-974-8320 MDC 3537
Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) Dr. Ingrid Bahner 813-974-3454 MDC 3006
Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine Dr. Michael Barber 813-974-9908 MDC 1060
Molecular Medicine Dr. Joshua Gamsby 813-396-9342 ALZ 338
Women's Health Dr. Mark Mclean 813-974-2875 MDC 2114
Clinical And Translational Research Dr. Phillip J. Marty 813-974-0905 LRC 134

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